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When we went into business, we wanted to simplify the process of selling a car. It shouldn't take so long, and it shouldn't be so difficult to get the price that you need. Our company seeks to take the stress out of selling your vehicle, to make personal sales easier, and to create a system that takes environmentally unfriendly cars off the road.

Personal sales are difficult. People place classified ads or park the car near the street with a 'for sale' sign. They rarely get what the car is worth to them, and sometimes they can't sell it. Car dealers rarely buy old cars unless it's a down payment on something new. It's just not a seller's market. That's where we come in. We can assess the value of your car and make you a realistic offer that should make you happy.

Getting rid of a gas guzzler does more than save on fuel costs. Each year that emission standards have gotten stricter, vehicles have been improved in terms of fuel economy and emissions. Conversely, older vehicles have become a liability both in terms of gas mileage and the environment. For instance, one pre-1992 car releases toxic emissions equivalent to 20 of today's new cars. One pre-2002 car, the year when standards began to toughen, might release as much as 10 of today's new cars. This is especially true of bigger vehicles such as sedans, SUVs, vans, and trucks. That means ten times as much carbon dioxide, benzene, hydrocarbons, nitrous oxide and other pollutants than an identically-sized vehicle built today. It's an enormous environmental burden.

Let us help you unload your eco-unfriendly vehicle. You'll get some cash to help you with expenses. Certainly the money will help if you want to buy an eco-friendly car with good gas mileage.